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Lean on Pete
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Lean on Pete

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

Acting was superb and authentic as well as the cinematography and music. Overall fantastic movie.

Anonymous picture

two thumbs up

Anonymous picture

Top notch acting and quite the journey for this young man.

Mario avatar

I love this film. It is about a teenager's world crumbling down. As he is losing the few people he has in life, he finds solace in his affection for a race horse. The narrative grows increasingly darker, though. The film does end on a hopeful note.

Neil avatar

The film is good. The novel is likely better (haven't read it). The story is not, finally, about a boy and horses, but rather how the boy's search for his lost mother finally pays off in a somewhat unexpected way. The film has its flaws, but it's moving and worth the time to watch.

Anonymous picture

This is a dark and moving film, but I want to add a warning to animal lovers. This is not about a "very special racehorse." The focus is the teen boy and some of the scenes with the horse are disturbing.

Anonymous picture

I am an animal lover and almost fear watching this movie. Charlie and Pete went through their separate hells, and neither got close to what he deserved, other than seconds of respite. Wish I had passed on this but now I can't get it out of my mind.

Anonymous picture

I lived near this track as a child. Its Portland Meadows. There were lots of lost kids around there. The book is darker. The movie Dell is a nice guy compared to the book, but the movie captures Charlie perfectly. Book and movie are a recommend.

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Anonymous picture

Excellent movie! I loved the acting, the story, and the cinematography. A lot of sadness along the way, but the ending made it worthwhile.

Anonymous picture

started well. got lost half way through

Anonymous picture

I recommend this movie.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Lean on Pete. OK. So I have a handful of problems with this but why even say them after being MOVED so much. The cinematography was so poetic that I can't even believe Sherry didn't notice. FR*CKING PERFECT.