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Eye in the Sky
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Eye in the Sky

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What? Did the 2 drone operators think they signed on to play video games? And the woman in the conference room is barely fit to sell cosmetics, let alone make decisions about war. As others mentioned, tense, but contrived melodrama.

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I can't express my contempt for this inept, sentimental, tasteless piece of ordure in words appropriate to a public forum. To make things worse, it would appear that one of the finest actors alive, Ms. Mirren, is now reduced to accepting roles that nobody should have to undertake. Disgraceful ...Read more

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Ugh SO FRUSTRATING that no one has the balls to make a decision. Pathetic. I doubt soldiers would get all warm & fuzzy over the death of one person. That doesn't seem realistic.

Anonymous picture

Riveting. Really riveting.

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Over the top melodrama where combat veterans behave like empathetic therapists. Why are soldiers sitting in a command center ready to launch a Hellfire missile in the first place? What put them there? I imagine empathy is trained out every soldier long before situations like this arise. Good ...Read more

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Very powerful movie!

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kay louise

wOW.powerful! quite early I realized I'd seen it before, but wasn't remembering the outcome. The score was SO evocative, particularly at the end-the children were wonderful, and the loving parents, and the facilitator/bread/bucket seller...the tension so well built up and sustained....bravo!