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Anonymous picture

I loved the entire first half of this movie. The way it captured Germany's vibrant gay life prior to the Nazis was hypnotic. Opening with Mick Jagger's rendition of Streets of Berlin truly captured the ominous sense of fear that remained within the following scenes. However, I discovered that ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I was bored out of my mind after six minutes. The fake and over the top theatricality of the beginning which seemed completely random and the ridiculously cast Jagger as drag queen. WTF? He doesn't even have the righ voice for that kind of cabaret song, Elton John would have been a much ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The basis of this film is such a strong one that I was disappointed. Mick holds the glue. I felt the underground world of homosexual life post Weimar was totally lost on the filmmaker.

Noora avatar

This has got to be one of my favorites. From seeing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ian McKellen and so many other big name actors in this, to a Mick Jagger singing (one of my favorite, saddest songs to this day) in drag, this movie carved itself into my memory.
Bent has a lot of humanity in it, ...Read more

Saïd avatar

If you care about historical accuracy, this might peeve you. I agree with Kalle's comment; the characters feel like caricatures at times, this has the overall feeling of a late 80s' art house film and the film doesn't really pick up until the train segment begins- yet, I don't regret watching ...Read more

Anonymous picture

nice if you like costume parties, and cliche.
pretty flat and cartoon like. kind of like click bait.

Anonymous picture

I saw it as a play in NYC and it made a lot of noise in the 1980s. Agree with your assessment: hardly daring now and more than a little schematic.